Migrant Integration 

2016: In Berlin, I worked with Syrian migrants, NGOs, and locals to solve for integration. I brought diverse stakeholders together and facilitated design sprints, partnerships, creative collaborations, and friendship.

Wrote 6 experiential learning curriculum units about the migration crisis in Europe, partnering with refugees, social entrepreneurs, and local changemakers. 

Worked directly with founders to build online higher ed solutions. In six months, we created 18 internships for Minerva students and the outcomes were a 3-part online MOOC for refugee students, a university-wide Kiron platform for communication, and enduring friendships between Minervans and Kiron students.

Designed and facilitated a design sprint with Minerva and Kiron students, found the need for integration; and prototyped solutions. 

Pitched an app with local Germans and Syrian refugees that received funding and community support. Traveled to Samos, Greece with Startup Boat founder and UNHCR members to run design sprints about migration. A refugee co-working space has since been realized.

Launched a word of mouth campaign about connecting refugees to opportunities, places, and venues in the city. I encouraged friends to extend themselves, and after one month there was an extensive map of opportunities realized and connections made.