hello clarity. 

turning complicated stories into simple ones.

Hi & Welcome

My name is Fiona PicarD.

Brands are the stories they tell.

I'll help you leave buzzwords and jargon behind to craft compelling stories that People connect with on a human level.

Process in a Box

First: Questions. I’ll listen, and learn everything I can about your company 

Second: Analyze competition to find gold nuggets within the gaps. Map positioning

Third: More questions, & creative, out-of-the-box exercises to define your brand 

Fourth: I craft the who, what, & why of your company. Then we review together 

Fifth: I weave those into powerful stories you can use everywhere.

a few words from others

"If you're looking for a branding specialist that takes a human-centered approach to everything she does, then look no further! During my initial consultation, Fiona could almost pitch my company better than I could. She can take complex, disparate ideas and boil them down to simple, compelling sentences that will leave your prospects wanting to engage with your brand instantly. I highly recommend her for all your branding needs!"

-Ashley Artrip, CMO, Mission Collaborative


In just one session, Fiona was able to make us resolve issues we have been wondering about for months. She was really helpful in allowing us to streamline our purpose and values into the way we communicate to our customers and partners. Founders usually don't pay much attention to this, Especially at early stages, but when they figure out how many customers they are leaving on the table due to a bad branding strategy, they regret not having worked on this before.

-Santiago Yelmini, Co-founder, Edutive




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