idea factory & design studio


who we are 

Hello! We are Fiona and Tanna, best friends and co-founders. We weave years of experience design, strategy, facilitation, and storytelling into one tapestry called Circle & Dot. Through remote workshop sessions and creative work, we’ll help you connect to your project’s core identity, understand your audience, and craft transformative stories and experiences. 

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  • Experience Design  

  • Storytelling Coaching  

  • Creative Direction 

  • Brand Workshops & Consultations

  • Community Building 

what we do 

our process

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We use tools like provocative, thoughtful questions to facilitate experiences that clarify who you are, what you do, and why it matters. We use insights from our conversations to develop creative work so that your project is understood, trusted, inspiring, and loved.  




"If you're looking for a branding specialist that takes a human-centered approach to everything they do, look no further. During my initial session, Circle&Dot could almost pitch my company better than I could.


Circle & Dot can take complex, disparate ideas and boil them down to simple, compelling sentences that will leave your prospects wanting to engage with your brand instantly."

—  Ashley Artrip, CMO, Mission Collaborative



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If you're looking for magic, innovation, and a transformative something—reach out! We can't wait to get in touch.